TARK advised Austrian investors on buying agricultural businesses


Vaklak OÜ, a holding company managed by the Austrian businessman Wolfgang Leitner and owned by a group of Austrian investors, acquired agricultural businesses AS Peetri Põld ja Piim, OÜ Tammsaare and OÜ Nordwinter. Vaklak already owns a number of dairy and crop farming companies in Estonia. The principal area of activity of Peetri Põld ja Piim and OÜ Tammsaare is also dairy farming, including milk production and sale, sale of animals, and sale of grains and rape.

The sales revenue of Peetri Põld ja Piim was 3.2 million euros and that of OÜ Tammsaare was 1.4 million euros in 2014. Vaklak earned a profit of 1.4 million euros last year.