Competition Regulatory

Entrepreneurs are increasingly affected by competition law as regards, for example, merger control, unfair competition, state aid, price fixing and similar competition restraints.

We seek to educate our clients on the implementation of preventive measures, which are the best way to mitigate risks. We offer competition law training and help clients design compliance programmes. We also have extensive experience of defending clients in dawn raids, investigations and disputes with competition authorities.


  • cartel and dominance investigations
  • merger control
  • compliance and risk management
  • audits, legal analysis
  • competition manuals and guidelines
  • trainings
  • transaction advising
  • distribution systems and agreements
  • representation in the Estonian Competition Authority and European Commission
  • dispute resolution (incl. representation in civil, administrative, misdemeanor and criminal proceedings)
  • protection against unfair competition
  • other competition areas

Public procurement

Upon organizing a public procurement, we will help you to structure the tender, prepare tender documents and negotiate the best conditions with the bidders. If you wish to be successful in the tender, we can review and challenge unfair conditions of the tender documents, prepare bids and negotiate the final agreements.

We offer legal assistance to public institutions and private-sector participants on all aspects of public procurement. In addition to local procurement specifics we advise clients on the practices and rulings of EU institutions.


  • compliance advice
  • procedures
  • tender strategy
  • commercial assessment
  • evaluation of proposals
  • pricing substantiation
  • assessing the validity of claims and decisions
  • taxation
  • environmental impact
  • preparing contracts
  • analysing and implementing authority recommendations
  • negotiations
  • disputes
  • others procurement matters

Healtcare & life science

We are legal partners to organizations in the life science industries as well as to producers facing health-related regulation or liability. Our lawyers keep clients informed about evolving legal options and requirements, always seeking to add value on strategic decisions.


  • issues specific to the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, advanced therapy medicinal products, medical devices and healthcare industries, including data protection
  • labelling of pharmaceuticals
  • manufacturing, patents, clinical trials, marketing authorization, advertising, wholesale/retail trade, reimbursement
  • licensing of activities, relations with regulatory authorities (also regarding EU regulations for health and nutrition claims)
  • negotiations with retailers, establishing own retail networks
  • food supplements (including aspects of legality, compliance and product liability, distribution, remote selling and internet sales, labelling, advertising and health promotion claims, authorizations/licenses and notifications)
  • litigation and dispute resolution
  • other health-related


Our environment team advises on issues of compliance with environmental standards, systems management and liability as well as on the environmental implications of corporate and financing transactions. That includes negotiations of warranties and indemnities in acquisitions and sales. We also help our clients with the environmental aspects of due diligence processes.


  • environmental standards, systems and liability
  • impact assessments
  • territorial planning
  • exploration/extraction licenses
  • mining rights
  • waste/pollution management
  • taxes; quotas
  • chemicals
  • litigation
  • investigations
  • nature protection
  • renewables
  • clean technology
  • safety
  • land use
  • natural resource management
  • environmental implications of transactions (including warranties and indemnities)
  • environmental aspects of due diligence

Public sector & constitutional law

The Firm has well-established and proven working relations with all major governmental authorities, and regulators in particular. We advise clients on many different areas of public administration, including energy, health, science and higher education, innovation, food and beverages, market surveillance and consumer protection, environment, planning and construction.

We provide services from conducting research on specific issues to drafting new legislation. Public institutions trust our lawyers to provide superior advice and help sort out complex matters.


  • studies and research in diverse areas of public administration
  • public administration burden evaluation and implementation of better regulation principles
  • design and practical implementation of policies, laws and other regulatory acts
  • drafting new legislation
  • national transposition and implementation of EU regulations
  • amendments to existing legislation
  • implementation of EU law
  • legal issues of policy development
  • representation of private clients before governmental authorities
  • representation in courts and arbitration
  • lobbying
  • issues of authorities compliance
  • implementation of quality-management standards

EU law

We advise clients on competition law, incl. state aid matters, on internal-market issues regulated by EU law in banking and finance, energy, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, transport, customs and other areas.

The Firm is active in a variety of national and EU projects. We provide advice regarding matters of EU law not only to local and foreign companies, but also to government institutions.


  • free movement of goods and persons
  • energy regulation
  • public procurement
  • competition
  • State aid
  • environmental protection
  • customs policies and regulation
  • compliance of national legislation with EU law
  • EU funding
  • harmonization of legislation with EU law
  • disputes concerning application of EU law
  • administration of EU funds