Real Estate Construction

We will help you with all matters related to property development projects. Such as acquiring the land, zoning procedures, obtaining construction permits, construction and all required communications with state institutions.

Real estate development and construction is the most complex and technically challenging phase of the real estate property life cycle. This is a highly regulated process, involving interaction with state and municipal institutions. The successful handing of such projects requires a coordinated effort by all project participants as well as strong experience in project management, technical matters and legal issues. We guide you through this complex process and identify the milestones and risk points in order to make timely preparations for risk management solutions and measures.

Within our 25 years of experience, we have served numerous developers, strategic investors and infrastructure operators. We have assisted them with major infrastructure projects, complex zoning and regulatory matters, and greenfield developments.

Our clients include major state institutions, state and private infrastructure companies in the energy, utility, transport and other sectors, investors and developers in the renewables sector, private real estate developers, private equity investors and other types of investors.


  • industrial, commercial, public-sector and residential projects
  • purchases/sales, leases, property rights
  • planning, design and construction contracts, engineering services contracts
  • contractor’s and owner’s liability
  • commercial leases
  • financing for projects and transactions, EU financing matters, security, restructuring, insolvency
  • administrative and regulatory: zoning and land use, building permits, environmental issues, public procurement
  • creation and enforcement of securities (mortgage, pledge)
  • litigation and dispute resolution

Infrastructure & PPP

We offer full legal services for infrastructure projects as well as public-private partnerships. We have advised on many of the largest energy, transportation and PPP initiatives. Our lawyers work hands-on with public and private-sector clients, policy makers and regulators to seek the best strategic solutions.


  • real-estate purchases, leases, property rights
  • planning, design and construction work
  • project financing, EU funds, security, tax issues, due diligence
  • administrative and regulatory: zoning and land use, building permits, environmental, procurement processes
  • public procurement
  • public-private partnerships
  • feasibility and environmental impact studies
  • litigation and dispute resolution

Real estate transactions

We will help you in buying and selling properties for development projects, commercial and residential properties. Commercial and industrial property transactions are the cornerstone of our real estate expertise, including development financing, acquisitions, co-investment arrangements, exits, changing of leverage level, workouts, sale and leaseback transactions and other.

Real estate transactions require multidisciplinary expertise, including transaction structuring, tax, regulatory, private equity, financing and M&A knowledge and skills. We provide a single point of contact for all these different issues and ensure comprehensive solutions. Our experts take an active role from the early stages of the transaction in order to identify all relevant issues and propose solutions.

We step beyond pure legal advice and take an active part in the transaction and project management process. Acting for the best interests of the client, we build an understanding of the values and risk points of the parties involved in order to concentrate the negotiation effort on the key issues.

We work on a continuous flow of major real estate transactions, both local and cross-border. Our clients include local and international real estate developers, institutional and private equity investors, property owners, joint ventures and co-investment parties.


  • structuring of real estate acquisition
  • taxation of property and transactions
  • real estate due diligence
  • acquisition financing and refinancing
  • negotiation of advisory mandate contracts
  • co-investment arrangements
  • negotiation of transactions
  • warranty and indemnity insurance
  • operation and property management contracts
  • lease negotiations
  • sale and lease back arrangements
  • real estate investment restructuring